This bathtub fits different body shapes, adjusts to their individual bathing position and saves water by doing so.

Mental wellbeing has become more important than ever. With this project I want to make bathing more comfortable so that more people find their way into the tub to find rest and focus on themselves for a while.
Air cushions form the inside of this bathtub. They have proven their function in the automobile industry where they are used inside car seats to let the driver adjust them.

In this bathtub they surround the user from head to toe, from side to side to support any kind of bathing position.

By adjusting to the position water that is unnecessary can be safed.

A knitted fabric that is one side coated in polyurethan protects the air cushions from water and forms the inside surface of the tub.
The air cushions are connected to pneumatic systems which regulate the amount of air inside the cushions.

To let the water out of the tub the air cushions fill up to their maximum capacity to push the water over the border. 

This tub is made out of two tubs. One on the inside holding the air cushions and one on the outside providing a common drain at the bottom. 

The water floats over the lower side of the inner bathtub into the outer one into the invisable drain and disappears.