As part of a Co-Creation Workshop with the Scandinavian Company VELUX I created this mood video to inspire a different way of thinking.

Velux offers innovative window solutions. As a Scandinavian brand it has the opportunity to identify itself with the hygge characteristics. Doing so by promoting rain, a usually negative topic in a positive way to stand out and focus on peoples emotions.

Windows are closely connected to the impressions of sun and light but they are also the protecting shield that makes us feel safe on rainy days. The sound sensation of raindrops hitting the glass surface reminds us of the safety of our homes and ignites an emotion of comfort and warmth. I asked people what memory they connect to this comfortable emotion. Amalie, 29 from Copenhagen said:  „The moment in my life that has been the most Hygge was with a few friends in our summerhouse. On our way back to the house it started raining. We put on our pyjamas, snugged up in blankets and sat in the living room just listening to the thunder outside.“